In Memory of the great Esteban Antonio   1962 - 2018 

 This blog will become a place for a memorial to him.


"Honour is a man's gift to himself' .... Esteban




Tributes from colleagues and friends :-

Haydn Bendall, record producer/engineer, former chief engineer abbey road studios.

Avi nassa, Actor, film producer/director

Lois , the beekeeper & restaurant owner.

Lois, the bee man, loved Esteban and his music.  Esteban managed, with some difficulty, a few car trips with Izumi into the mountains, his health and strength declining during the last couple of years of his life, as he loved Lois and the beautiful views from his restaurant.  Esteban said, " How many restaurant owners serve you a great meal, give you free honey and then carry you in their arms from your wheelchair into your car? "  Esteban was so touched that he dedicated one of his last pieces of music, " the Bees of My Blood'' to Lois.