E- Books:

A series of 3 books on music. and 2 spiritually inspiring books.

The 3 books on music are an in depth study and educational tool. These books were written at the request of a university in the usa.

The book 'From Heart to Heaven' is an account of Esteban's spiritual journey, how God healed him of a broken back and much more, with regard to the revelatory insights he received on this journey.  This book has always been free and, though no longer available in paperback, there are some secondhand for sale at times on amazon and ebay.

'The Breaking of the Seventh Seal'' is the last of Esteban's books.   

Esteban was a man of faith and, having a hunger for the truth and the knowledge of the things of God, he rejected the religiosity and errors of the 'church establishment', In the most recent years before his passing, he embraced his Jewish roots, found freedom & great joy in observing the true Shabbat & in discovering the true name of Yehweh, His father in heaven and the Son Yeshua..

 Hence these books, which were written some years ago, make reference to 'Jesus' rather than''Yeshua'.



'From HEART to HEAVEN' by Esteban Antonio -  E Book  -  FREE

'From HEART to HEAVEN' by Esteban Antonio - E Book - FREE